Sunday, February 1, 2015

Never Grow Up! (Grow Up! #2)

And... Done! This is the last of the package of zines that I picked up as a crowdfunding reward from Boston Zine Fest. Our friend Sian, who's been seeing to our mail back in the US, send these over with one of our packages of mostly-dull paperwork, and it's been a lot of fun having some zines to read here in Vietnam.

Title: Grow Up!
Issue: 2 (Never Grow Up!)
Publisher: Sara Bear
Date: August, 2014
Writer: Sara Bear
Artist: Sara Bear

Half-sized zine/minicomic hybrid. Thirty-six pages of autobiographical comics and essays on the theme of adulthood, and particularly on how adulthood is defined for the Millennial generation (a term the author/artist grudgingly uses, so I will use it as well, also grudgingly).

There are two cute time-travel stories here, complete with some amusing nods to Doctor Who fandom. There are also a couple of essays on the struggles of Millennials and the nature of the concept of adulthood. Plus reflections on Green Day's music, a cute series of "adult tips", and plenty of punks and cats.

Sara Bear has a great voice, a fun art style, and a witty sense of humor. And geeky autobiography is always a genre that interest me. There's a lot to like here.

Rating: 8/10

God Damn It!

Down to the last couple of zines/minicomics from my package from Boston Zine Fest.

Title: God Damn It!
Publisher: Respectable Street Comics
Writer: Sara Bear
Artist: Sare Bear

This folded micro-minicomic is served up in duo-tone, with all instances of cat vomit printed in bright green. And there is plenty of cat vomit in this comic.

In fact, the entire premise is cat vomit. And the question of why don't the cats ever vomit up anything useful. Like the rent money for this month, for example.

This is a pretty simple premise, but the minimalist approach fits the format perfectly.

Quick, but fun.

Rating: 7/10