Friday, July 15, 2011

The Burden Of Parenthood

My third review from ConnectiCon.

Title: The Burden Of Parenthood
Date: June, 2011
Publisher: Bittersweet Candy Bowl
Writer: Veronica Vera
Artist: Veronica Vera

Sampler from the Bitterweet Candy Bowl webcomic. This b/w half-sized minicomic reprints a story arc from the webcomic that involved the (anthropomorphic feline) teenaged protagonists caring for mechanical babies for a week as part of a middle school sex-ed project.

The webcomic promises unpretentious teen romance/comedy/drama, and that is pretty much what is delivered here. There's a strong focus on character, some comic relief moments, and some pretty insightful interactions.

I particularly liked the fact that the teacher breaks a tiny bit out of her over-the-top depiction toward the end of the story.

The artwork does suffer a bit from the loss of color with the transition into print, but this was still a nice entertaining little slice of life story.

Rating: 7/10

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