Saturday, February 18, 2017

One Year in Indiana #0

A minicomic from the random unread comics stack. No idea where I got this one.

Title: One Year in Indiana
Issue: 0
Date: 2006
Publisher: Pungent Basement Comics
Writer: Kurt Dinse
Artist: Kurt Dinse

A death metal vocalist leaves his nomadic life to settle down with a college buddy, sharing a house in Indiana. There he begins to learn the mysterious laws of the land, starting with the one that prohibits the sale of alcohol on Sunday. He figures out he can hold out one night, but when he wakes up to a massive snowstorm, all of a sudden the need for a beer run has reached crisis proportions.

What follows is an epic journey across a snow-covered landscape filled with frozen fratboys, Star Wars references, and a yeti.

The was pretty entertaining, with some clever ideas and good timing on the jokes. The art style worked well with a bit of a 70s underground comix vibe. The good print quality for a minicomic helped too.

A nice self-contained story and a fun start to more adventures in Indiana.

Rating: 7.5/10

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