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30 Day Comic Challenge Day 11

Day 11 - Favorite Comic Book Cartoon Series.

As geeks go, I tend to be uninterested in a lot of the television series that my fellow geeks get all excited about. As a result I'm way behind on watching some of the newer animated shows that have really captured the imaginations of comic fans. I've got a ton of respect for what animation has done in the last 10-15 years or so, especially with the DC universe characters, but I just haven't watched enough episodes to really speak about these programs.

So my choice is going to be the show that got me back to reading comics in the 1980s.

I read comics as a kid in the 1970s and early 1980s, but those comic tended to get tossed around and wrecked when I was done reading them. I pretty much stopped reading comics around the time I got to middle school.

The Robotech comics (by Comico) were adapted from the American version of the anime (before anyone was calling it anime; the word back then was "Japanimation"). I bought my first Robotech comic book at Gen Con 2006 which I traveled to at age 16 with my gaming buddy from high school. We were there to play Dungeons & Dragons.

I loved the Robotech show for its more serious approach to characters and storytelling than the American animation that was being released at the time. The robots and explosions were pretty cool too.I was a fan of the Robotech show, and I picked the comic up on a whim when I found it in the GenCon dealers' hall. I liked the cover.

A few weeks later, I traveled into Boston to the original Newbury Comics store and started buying comics like Electra: Assassin, Elflord, Adventurers, Watchmen, Lone Wolf and Cub, Mai: The Psychic Girl, Kamui, and the three Robotech titles. A few weeks after that I got my first store subscription, and I've been collecting comics (sometimes pretty intensively, sometimes just a book here and there) ever since.

From My Creations

Sadly, no on has adapted any of my comics into an animated series so far. If you're reading this, Hollywood, we can definitely make a deal. :)

I think that Perils of Picorna would be the best choice for such a format, since much of my inspiration for Perils of Picorna came from the cliffhanger serials of the 1930s and 1940s, which are structurally similar to many animated series.

And while no fully animated version currently exists, we have made some pretty cool video trailers for the comic books. Here's the trailer for Perils of Picorna #2.

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