Friday, June 24, 2011

30 Day Comic Challenge Day 23

Day 23 - Your Favorite Artist.

Like many folks, I find this a very difficult question. There are so many artists who have contributed to my love of comics. After much deliberation, I'm going to choose Charles Vess.

Part of my love for Vess' work comes from my love of the fantasy genre. Vess takes every subject he illustrates and infuses it with a sense of magical wonder that suits fantasy perfectly. And he does it with incredible attention to detail.

From My Creations

When it comes to the comics I write and the artists I work with, I really can't choose favorites. I'm going to have to call this one a draw. I've been fortunate enough, since I co-founded Dandelion Studios to work with four absolutely awesome artists. Here are some quick samples.

Gynn Stella draws Zephyr & Reginald: Minions for Hire.

Missy Pena draws Perils of Picorna.

Katrina Joyner draws Kaeli & Rebecca.

Alice Veidt draws Stone.

The 30 Day Comic Challenge Page on Facebook is here. Here is the complete list of daily topics:

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